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August 4, 2008

Five Steps To A Better You

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Every day we must strive to get better in every aspect of our lives. If we want to improve the quality of our character, we must not fool ourselves with our own progress. Don’t show one face to your friends and then another to the world. If you are really committed to constant and never ending improvement you must frequently check your personal growth to see if you are really growing. What am I doing daily to get better in every aspect of my life? Did I take the actions necessary to become the person that I strive to be? Am I a better person today or am I only kidding myself? We are so busy with our every day lives that we must really pick the highest and best use for our time. Choose your words carefully when you face the world. It is okay to be laconic with your words. You don’t have to say a lot to make an impact because your impact is going to be made by the quality of your words and not by the quantity of your words. I want to challenge you today to live with a higher level of urgency. Don’t wait for tomorrow when you can accomplish today. Now is the time to manifest your destiny and live the way you want to live. Start taking action now so you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts sooner, rather than later. Put your best foot forward and make that change now. Lets go out there today and make the rest of our life the best of our life. I don’t care who you are because you can always get better at this game called life. Go out there and make this world a better place because you can change the world one thought at a time.

Here are five quick steps that you can easily remember to make your life better than ever as you make the world a better place.

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage: Inspire the world with your encouragement. When you encourage someone to grow you will find inside a sense of reward because you will be growing at the same time.

Compliment As Much As You Can: A good compliment will last someone three months according to Mark Twain. Compliment instead of criticize because criticism is just a disguised compliment. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t waste your time or your energy.

Read, Read, Read: A person who can read that doesn’t read might as well be illiterate. Read something inspiring at least an hour a day. I am reading more than I ever have and it is so rewarding. I wish I would have read like this in my childhood days. It’s never too late to become addicted to reading.

Be Optimistic: Optimism is a great quality to any winning personality. You should always have a positive outlook about everything in life. Life is what you make of it. Make sure that you always look at everything with an optimistic approach. Your glass should always be half full instead of half empty. Strive to be positive in everything that you do.

Forget The Word Failure: Most people will never be successful in life because they are afraid of failure. You need to accept failure as an outcome. If you don’t get the outcome you are looking for just change your approach. You must keep trying different ways until you get the outcome you are looking for. Failure only becomes permanent when you accept failure. I don’t believe in failure I just believe in outcomes. “Win or learn, there is no failure.” Henry Ford. Failure is just a chance to begin again with a better approach.

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