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July 10, 2008

What do I want to be when I grow up?

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How many times did you change your minds growing up? If you were anything like me it could have been a few hundred different careers by the time you reached adulthood. I wanted to be a soldier, ninja, fire fighter, cop, Doctor, Superman, and Prince. I could go on all day because I constantly wanted to be something else. People kept telling me from a very young age that I was a “born salesperson.” I always loved it, When I found out that I was born a boy and not a salesperson I was certainly disappointed. All these years I thought I was a born salesperson but to my disappointment we are all created equal, even Tiger Woods wasn’t playing golf until he was nine month old. Now at thirty-two years old he is already the greatest golfer ever, winning over $94,000,000 putting him #1 on the all time PGA money list. Tiger Woods is a wonderful example of someone who modeled their idol’s Jack Nicklaus and Byron Nelson’s careers so he could duplicate their successes. Nicklaus’s record of 18 majors was thought to be impossible to break. Tiger already has 14 at his young age so that record should be his soon. What is amazing is when Tiger was a kid he taped a list of Nickalaus’s accomplishments on his closet so he could constantly remind himself of what he wanted. That means that at a young age Tiger set his mark to be the best ever. He is going to blow away his own high expectations and there is no telling how many records he will own. The all time PGA tour victories record is 82 held by Sam Snead. Tiger is just 17 victories behind that record with 65 PGA tour victories. Tiger’s competitive edge is truly amazing, he can raise his game to a level that leaves other players helpless. He plays with a super natural passion that others just don’t have. Whether you like him or not his patterns of success are the best. Anyone can learn from his drive whether you are in sales or you are a single mother. Success leaves clues so study Tiger’s patterns of success whether you play golf or not. Model everything about him that you can because you will get similar results. I would always see Tiger at the driving range practicing his game for hours and hours at a time. One day I was showing some clients Wesley Snipes’s house after Wesley had just lost his house in foreclosure. I looked at the driving range and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Tiger hitting balls. He had just played in the Bay Hill golf tournament earlier in the day where he was the tournament leader at the time. He went on to win the tournament at Bay Hill for the fourth year in a row. Wow, what a commitment to constant and never ending improvement Tiger has. After that day, I would practice my skills every day because I wanted to improve daily. I would just think that if Tiger Woods was practicing in the hot Florida sun when he was in the lead then I could model his efforts and duplicate his results by practicing every chance I had. It didn’t matter if I had a closing or a contract earlier in the day. I was going to strive to get better just as Tiger Woods always does.  Sergio Garcia is one of the best young golfers who is said to be competing with Tiger. Sergio had just won a big tournament that Tiger didn’t play in. The first thing he said when giving his victory speech was, “I would like to thank Tiger for not being here.” Now he said he was just kidding but I don’t buy that. Your subconscious doesn’t know when you are kidding. Sergio’s subconscious mind will keep telling him, “Tiger is here, what am I going to do?” He will not stand a chance with that mindset. What makes Tiger so awesome and different then everyone else? His desire to be the best ever is greater than anyone else. His mental game is way tougher then his competition. Phil Mickelson who is supposedly is another player in the “who can beat Tiger game” but if you see the two of them standing next to each other you will see the Tiger difference. Phil looks like he is on the Wednesday night bowling league. Tiger looks like he is a football player or a Navy Seal. His strength is awesome for golf. He can crush balls for as long as he wants without getting tired. He just won the 2008 U.S. Open after just having knee surgery. Are you kidding? He just won the toughest golf tournament on one leg. That was simply amazing because no one thought he could even be competitive, instead he won the 2008 U.S. Open on one leg. Tigers has a champions desire that is unmatched. Tiger is different in so many ways because he is driven by history and by records. He doesn’t have competition so he is always competing with himself to get better. He has been training to become the greatest golfer ever since he was 6 months old he would watch his dad hit balls into a net imitating his swing. Success leaves clues, model the best achievers so you can duplicate their results. Tiger knew exactly what he wanted out of life. He spent almost 30 years practicing to become the best. Make sure you find something that you can be as passionate about while you have as much fun as Tiger. Does so you can take the same passion to your field as Tiger does.

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